May 2022

NCL Joy:                          May 1st to May 15th
Carnival Mardi Gras:        May 21st to June 4th

June 2022

All Stars of Comedy tour of Middle East (Armed Forces Entertainment):      June 10th to June 22nd
Carnival Miracle:                                                                                                     June 21st to July 8th

July 2022

NCL Joy:                           July 10th to July 24th

August 2022

NCL Joy                             August 7th to August 23rd

September 2022

Carnival Radiance:       September 2nd to Sept 10th

Carnival Mardi Gras:       September 17th to Oct 1st

October 2022

Carnival Mardi Gras:     Oct 8th to 22th
Carnival Mardi Gras:     Oct 29th to Nov 5th

November 2022

All Stars Of Comedy European Tour  (Armed Forces Entertainment):   September 8th to September 27th

December 2022

NCL Pride of America          December 17th to December 31st